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This section is a collection of pictures of our travels and other things I would like to share.

giddy-up van

This is what we travel in, new to us this year.  Though it's an 80's something Chevy Conversion Van it's 10 years newer that the one we used before.  With this set up I can pack a pairs marathon cart, 2 horses, and all the stuff I need to camp out for up to 5 days.  Including a 12'x12' portable corral, horse blankets, feed, cleaning supplies, bale of shavings, and many other smaller odds and ends I think I cannot live without.  The inside has been gutted of all the conversion stuff except a small stand that holds a propane heater and a microwave.  The heater is a real luxury.   My husband Mike worked all winter on it making it road worthy, water tight and comfortable so that we could travel in style.(and to insure he would not have to rescue us along the side of the road or at a fairgrounds like what happened a couple of times the previous show season)

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Pictures below are some taken at the 2005 AMHR Area VIII Show Evergreen Miniature Horse Club hosted at the Tacoms Unit in Spanaway WA.

costume class
costume class

This was our first attempt at a costume class.   The kids are dressed as draft horses, feather and all. I am the farmer going to market. The cart is full of all kinds of good stuff which I had been collecting for months.   Its not easy finding authentic down sized barrels and flour sacks suitable for a mini turnout.  The lady with me is my good friend Carol Northfield.


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