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Macen joined our family in 2010, Welsh/Shetland cross originally named Simply Magic. His named was changed to TMR Templar Night when he was registered with AMHR/ASPC as a National Show Pony.

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Will was 4 1/4 inches long, the next closest was at least an inch shorter. He is shown here with his head clipped. The reason is that I cannot get his bridle on otherwise. Here in the Northwest the winters are not cold compared to other places in the US but I think Willy would be at home anywhere with this coat.

The picture on the left is the first one I ever took of Willy. Taken the day I went to see if he was the one. It was love at first site, well at least for me it was.

The one on the right is his first winter at Too Mini Ranch. He had a lot of hair even back then.

Below are some of my favorite "Willy" pictures.

young Will
show off
fly boy

country drive In the Van
at liberty

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