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About Too Mini Ranch & all the Kids

Willy and K.C. are AMHR registered miniature horses, heights 37 3/4 and 37 1/2 inches tall respectively. They are also both registered Pinto. Too Mini Ranch is 2 1/2 acres in Washington State and as its name implies "a very small place with two little horses".

Willy came to live here when he was 13 months old as an only horse. Too young to train for driving or much else we started practicing tricks to get to know each other. The first one was to bring his grain bowl to me. No matter where I fed him he managed to scoot the bowl out of reach. Not wanting to climb the fence every time was the incentive I needed. Now he will pick up anything I point at and ask for including the blanket he accidentally pulled off during the night laying in the middle of his paddock. His bag of tricks includes bowing, hugs, shaking hands waving, marching and line dancing. Somewhere he has learned to untie knots. Willy is a ham, all that's needed is for someone to say what a good boy he is or laugh at one of his pranks and he will try his darndest to draw a crowd.

K.C. joined us when Willy was 4 years old. A year older physically she was much younger mentally. I have tried to teach her tricks but unless she is convinced there is a good reason to do it she has no time for such things. She can shake hands and pick up her bowl but Willy usually rushes in and does it for her. He hates sharing the spot light.

Willy started showing when he was three, mainly in hand trail, in hand jumping and some single driving. We did not win all the time but did take home many blue ribbons. Later he competed in obstacle driving and has 2 AMHR National Top10's in that class.

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K.C. too has done well in the show ring. She is actually starting to beat Willy in the in hand classes especially jumping. Driving is where she excels, with her long stride and abundant energy. After driving her single for a year it was time to put them together as a pair which was the reason K.C. joined our family in the first place.

If any of this interests you come on in and view our travels throughout the year. Our most recent endeavor is Combined Driving. It's one of the few places we can drive as a pair during the whole event. Competing for 3 years now we are improving with each outing. So far we were the only mini pair at the venues we chose to attend so we are competing against ourselves but still having great fun. That's what it's all about isn't it?