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K.C. joined us the summer of 1999. A friend knew I was interested in driving a pair and found her for us. She was a rag-a-muffin when we first went to see her but was very friendly and seemed willing. We brought K.C. back for a trial basis to see if she and Willy would get along. They did, and the rest is history. Now they are inseparable.

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She is a year older than Willy but younger in her mannerisms. I do not know much of her background before I got her. She was fairly easy to catch, knew how to lead and pick up her feet for the farrier but that was about it. We started off slow with basic ground manners and introduced her to many new sites and sounds. Willy was an old hand at these things by now and was a big help in showing her the ropes so to speak.

This picture was taken after she had been with us a few months. She is a show-off also but in a subtle way. Quick to learn, she was driving within months. A little touchy in the flanks made for a couple of wild rides but she has since settled down.

Below are some of my favorite "K.C." pictures.

at liberty
collected walk trot poles


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