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To spice things up a little we decided to move up to Intermediate this year in our combined driving competitions. Making speed in marathon will be a challenge for us as well as most of the dressage movements but what the heck. You never know until you try. Clearance and time in cones did not prove to be a problem or marathon speeds to our surprise but dressage was as tough as expected. Never a favorite of ours anyway.

Once again nothing in the coming months is scheduled close enough for us to compete. We are continuing our monthly lessons to work on those dressage deficiencies. There is always something new to learn and Terri has already shown me a couple of new things to try in an effort for me to improve communication with Willy and K.C.

Scheduling put the Teddy Bear CDE in September, several of us had birthdays that weekend that were celebrated. Being held in Eastern Washington the days were warm but the nights quite chilly. The course was a challenge as always being all hill either up or down with very little flat. This was the first time Intermediate level was offered here and since the field was small that put Merridy and I as competitors . Merridy and Velvet won but we were breathing down their necks. If we would of had a double clear in cones I think the placings would be reversed. Next year!

Thanks Bree!

The young lady who navigated for me here, Bree, I met the day before competition. She was instrumental in our finishing the competition in good standing. Thanks Bree.

Check out more pictures of the weekend. The terrain of Teddy Bear is out biggest challenge and we all, well Willy, K.C. and Bree worked the hills. Me I just sat there and enjoyed the ride.

Teddy Bear Fjords  Teddy Bear Fjords Teddy Bear Fjords
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More Pictures here.

This year I opted to go HC at the Happ's DT-T (Driving Trials - Twice!). Traditionally the event does not allow minis who have their own event the following weekend. We did this because the Teddy Bear CDE was still to come and the timing of the weekends worked better for our travel and being able to get away from work.

The morning of dressage was so foggy it was difficult to see the barn from the dressage field, probably a good thing because my test was not the best. By afternoon the sun was out and all was perfect for marathon.

My navigator this weekend was Helen Strokland. Her competition was the following weekend so she graciously accepted my request for groom/navigator. Great help and fun company.

The next July event is the Beavercreek CDE. Another beautiful venue located in Oregon. This will be my 4th year there and it is always a challenge. The dressage is always located on a very slight knoll and the cones course is on the side of a hill. Both challenges in their own way but worth it to get to the marathon.

The marathon course runs for the most part through wooded areas and has 3 creek crossings, some hazards are man mad and some are designed in the trees. A nice challenge in the cool forest on a hot July day.

Blue Ribbon

Months after this weekend we found out that this was the last time this event will be offered. I'll miss Beavercreek, it will be the second event in our local area no longer offered since I started competing in combined driving, Lincoln Creek being the first.

2010 Beavercreek CDE  2010 Beavercreek CDE  2010 Beavercreek CDE  2010 Beavercreek CDE

More Pictures here.

July in the northwest brings us two combined driving events. The first is over the July 4th weekend, The CDE at Inavale. It has been going for a couple years now but 2010 was my first year in attendance. As is our norm we camped and self stalled luckily the weather was with us this time.

Another new thing this weekend was the Merridy and I rented a golf cart and am I glad we did. The course covers a large area usually used for the cross country part of 3 day eventing competitions; we must be getting old because it was sure nice to ride for a change.

June was another wet month for Washington State in 2010. Luckily we had enough dry time leading up to Happ's CDE to get back into condition. The skies were dark and stormy looking for the formal vet check Thursday and the rain stayed in check throughout the day Friday for dressage but Friday afternoon it started raining once again

Merridy and I were first out marathon day and though it started out dryish it ended very wet. We were able to compete and navigate the entire course but they were closing things down right behind us.

In the words of the organizer "As the day progressed additional decisions were made to drop particular gates in hazards.....and to close hazards totally as they were getting chewed into mud pits." The rain never stopped that day.

I had just designed at canopy for my trailer to give the horses and me some way to get out of the weather. My thoughts were more of a sun shade but it worked well for that rainy weekend.
More Pictures here.

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