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'06 Fuzz Run

Just when I thought '06 was behind us we were invited to a fun drive on December 31, New Years Eve. I dubbed it "06 Fuzz Run". I am not fond of being cold and wet so I did not commit at first but as time grew near I decided to attend and very glad I did.

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A group of VSE CDE friends plus guests, 13 hitches in all, gathered at a boat launch just outside of Elma, WA. After saying our "Hello's" to those we haven't seen since our last competition, we all hitched up and headed down the road.

The weather couldn't have been better -- crisp and calm, with the sun making little peaks through the clouds. The horses looked like they were wearing their teddy bear pajamas, bearing little resemblance to the sleek athletes of summer.

So glad I did not pass up this opportunity for friendship, fun and fresh air. If this outing is any indication 2007 is going to be a great year!

If you look close you can see I have my sunglasses on my knit cap.
Always the optimist, I wanted to be ready just in case the sun may appear. Temps were just above freezing.


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