Too Mini Ranch

TMR Templar Night

K Cheyenne Winter Fire

Mor Fun Sir William

Home of Willy, K.C. & Macen
Too Mini Ranch, Port Orchard, WA

Lazy day. Everybody bathed
and drying in the sun while having a little snack.

Recently I've had some artwork done. The ones of the kids are actual paintings done by a local artist. Macen's are digital art. I love them all and have them on walls in my home for everyone to enjoy.

The picture above named "Western Wind" was developed from several pictures I took of Macen running free in a field at a friends place this summer. Dorota of Dorota Kudba Art worked her magic and put it together as a heard of ponies all Macen. Click on picture for larger view.

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The two pictures below are also digitally enhanced by Dorota. Click on the print to see the before and after shots.


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